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"Easy and transparent to use..."
David Crisp
CUSTOMERS testimonials

PPIL's customers have implemented our assessment technology into their organizations to meet unique needs. So don't just take our word for it, read on and find out why these organizations from a wide variety of industries have selected Drake P3® and how they used it to deliver results. Contact PPIL if you would like to have a candid conversation directly with any of these organizations and we would be happy to put you in touch.

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"All the bank's presidents are believers in the process and have been supporting it for many years. If we can reduce turnover then the product easily pays for itself."
Gary Gragg, EVP at First Financial Bank in Texas

"Nine and a half times out of 10 people say 'Oh yes, that's me!' They usually smile and laugh when they see the results. People can't believe how effectively the report captures their tendencies. The fact we've used it for 10 or 11 years tells you we like it."
Betty Ball, former director of executive development at the Hbc (Hudson's Bay Company)

"We use Drake P3® primarily in employee development, performance management and building work teams. It's been extremely valuable to us from that viewpoint. By using the information we get from Drake P3® we have been able to release the potential of employees."
Marc Bouwer, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Technology at Travel Guard

"Well, it's easy to use and for me that is really important because I don't have the time to spend on something that is really complicated. That is something I really appreciate."
Linda Whitt, controller at ChemRite Copac

"We haven't used Drake P3® to its full potential yet and I'm looking forward to using it more. It's a great system with many tools and can really help any company with people management."
Jamie Nenahlo, manager of recruiting and employee development at The Boldt Company