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"What I really like is that the personality assessments from the Drake P3® are presented in a way that people can understand. It's all very straightforward," said Paul Vishnesky, President of Hire Dimensions. "Clients don't just say the profiles are interesting, they say the results helped them hire better people and manage them with greater insight."  <more>
Since 1951, Drake has been helping companies manage their most important asset - their people. Our HR and Recruiting solutions span the complete employee life cycle - from hire to retire. Find out why organizations all across North America count on Drake to help them hire, manage and develop their employees.  <more>
"When I worked in training and development at Oscar Mayer I learned that supervisors didn't want to hear something theoretical," recalls Leo. "They wanted to learn something today that they could use tomorrow." His advice to businesses wanting to improve retention, hire better people or increase performance is to focus on simple approaches and make sure you've set out some clear criteria of success for the project. It's straightforward stuff, but this pragmatic philosophy has kept Leo's clients happy for many years.  <more>
"Most people think of the Drake P3® System in terms of the core modules for selection, team development and so on, but even for novel organizational development issues you can get really useful information by drawing on sections from a variety of different P3 reports," says Schieber. As a predictive performance profiling specialist, he is focusing on selection and performance management solutions as well as leadership development. Reinhold has been working with Drake International and the Drake P3® tool since 1997.  <more>
"A person can be in the right role, but if they don't work well with team members they can become stalled," explained Janine. "There is a strong business case to improving team communication."  <more>
"I want managers to understand that it's a lot cheaper to retain employees than replace them-and with the Drake P3® I can help them do that."  <more>
Turning Point HR Solutions are a UK based consultancy. Our consultants have a broad spectrum of real business experience gained whilst working for major corporate and public sector organisations. This real business experience is vital and sets us apart from other consultancies. Our client base includes organisations throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa in the public, private and not-for-profit sector. Our approach is to work with you to support you in your organisational objectives offering our expertise and experience to ensure maximum return on your investment.  <more>
"Anyone who needs to assess talent for hiring or development purposes ought to be using a professional behavioural profiling tool."  <more>
"The Drake P3® is a very versatile tool for assessing a person's behavioural traits. I've used it not only for front line jobs, but for senior jobs as well."  <more>
What's advantageous about the Drake P3® is that there is so much that enhances the practical application of the behavioural assessment process resident within the back end tools. In the P3 environment we have the ability to look at the team dynamics, at how individuals can work effectively together and have the ability to more easily recognize high potentials in our clients' organization for succession planning and talent development.  <more>
You've got to use some kind of profiling system, even if it's just a rudimentary one, or you are way behind,  <more>
Researched Behavior-based Interviews achieve a hiring accuracy rating of over 80%. In other words, by changing your method of interviewing, you can go from an 80% chance of hiring a poor performer to an 80% chance of hiring a Peak Performer.  <more>
With Griggs' human resources career in manufacturing, sales, distribution, consulting and engineering organizations, his consulting business serves a wide range of industries. His recent expertise in developing profiles for engineering positions is a skill set of particular relevance not only to engineering firms, but also to state departments of transportation. And, while candidate selection is a major use of the Drake P3®, Griggs believes it also has a big role to play in employee development, succession planning and team development.  <more>
Executive consultant Leo Presley has announced a partnership with Predictive Performance International (PPIL). Presley will be adding PPIL’s flagship assessment system, the Drake P3®, to his tool kit. Leo has had a long and impressive career in HR working in a nice mix of industries including transportation, computer technology and retail distribution. He got involved in a project researching personality assessment tools a couple of years ago and that led him to the Drake P3®.  <more>
  Salter has had a distinguished career in management, rising to SVP, HR Global Supply Chain at Kraft Foods before founding The Salter Group. He knows what kind of assessments is most helpful for managers and he's thrown his weight behind the Drake P3®.  <more>
Teams can be a source of inspiration or frustration. Team Fusion helps teams find their way to better performance and will be able to do that better than ever now that they have adopted the Drake P3® assessment tool.  <more>
In professional cycling, the lead-out rider charges ahead, letting their teammates draft behind as they cut through the wind. In professional consulting, Lead Out does the same thing. They help clients reach their goals faster by keeping out in front with the latest ideas and the best tools. Those tools now include the Drake P3® assessment system.  <more>
The freshly launched Ascolta Coaching & Consulting firm has adopted Drake P3® as an assessment tool. Ascolta is unusual in offering a variety of HR consulting services without pretending to be an expert in everything.  <more>
  The still young Davanti Consulting has reached an agreement with Predictive Performance International (PPIL) to use the Drake P3®. Davanti offers a variety of human resources consulting services, but is best known for helping organizations with recruiting. The Drake P3®, a tool that provides insight into a candidate's personality, helps Davanti discern which candidate is the best match for a job.  <more>
The consulting projects the Sopers get drawn into go beyond transactional work towards longer-term relationships. They keep a clear eye on what the company is trying to accomplish and what the company needs from their people.  <more>