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"Recent changes in Employment Law have made selection and performance evaluation a sensitive duty for managers. Comprehensive legal analysis by the leading experts in employment law has shown that the Drake P3® Candidate Selection System complements legal defences."

Find below an excellent resource produced by the US Department of Labor in 1999 that gives insight into practices that should be considered by any employer when using testing and assessment.

Click the link to view the full report:

U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, 1999
This guide is to help managers and human resource (HR) professionals use assessment practices that are the right choices for reaching their organizations' HR goals.

PPIL is committed to continued test evaluation work on Drake P3® using third party experts.

On an ongoing basis, PPIL will evaluate all available research on the assessment, get expert opinions on the adequacy of available research, and, if necessary, recommend next steps for enhancing the design and/or research support for use of the Drake P3® in employment settings.

Experts that PPIL use have expertise in the areas of employee selection, validation research, adverse impact analyses and other quantitative methods. Much of the work performed in this area relate to the high stakes context of equal employment opportunity enforcement.